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Curbside Collection Rules

You May: 

  • Place up to 6 cans (under 42 gallons in volume) or bags of household garbage (nonrecyclable waste from your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room)  weighing less than 50 lbs. at the curb for collection on your two weekly garbage pick up days. Bulk items are not considered household garbage.
  • Garbage collection begins at 6 a.m. Recycling collection begins at 5 a.m. Place covered cans curbside no earlier than 6 p.m. the evening before collection. Town Code also requires that emptied cans be removed from the street no later than 12 p.m. the day after pickup and all cans must be stored behind the front line of your dwelling on non collection days.
  • Call your carter to arrange pick up of appliance and large metal items. Please do not place items at the curb until the night before your scheduled pick up collection date.
  • Beginning in January 2019 the Town will be collecting recyclables "dual stream", which  refers to collecting  bottles, cans and plastics one week and paper and corrugated cardboard the following week. Refer to the Trash Pickup & Recycling Calendar on-line for the details on this new collection schedule. Click here for more information on our "Back-To-Basics" dual recycling program.

  • Place cans or bundles of yardwaste at the curb for collection on the weeks indicated by a leaf icon on your calendar. Branches must be tied in bundles no larger than 2×2×4 feet; leaves and clippings must be bagged or placed in uncovered cans. Grass is not collected. Grass mulching is recommended.

You May Not:

  • Place certain types of electronics (e-waste) out for disposal as trash. Beginning in January 2015 New York State law  requires mandatory recycling of e-waste
  • Use bungee cords (to secure can lids) or use any container larger than 42 gallons, or heavier than 50 lbs. when full. Do not fill your yardwaste container to more than 12” above the rim. A note to residents using cans  with attached and/or hinged lids: Garbage or recycling cans with hinged lids are primarily designed for automated collection. During the automated  collection process, a mechanical arm extends  from the collection vehicle which attaches to the can. The can is then lifted and inverted over the area where the refuse will be deposited in the collection vehicle. Other than the lifting arm, the can never makes physical contact with the vehicle. The collection process on a manual collection route exposes the lid and hinge to physical contact not only with the collection personnel, but with parts of the truck and the hopper opening as well. Manual collection, by its very nature, occasionally results in damage to the hinge and/or lid during the routine collection process. As such, the Town shall not be responsible for normal wear and tear to the lids or hinges on these types of cans.

  • Place your trash receptacles, bulk items and/or yard waste in multiple locations curbside at your residence.
  • Place liquid paint out for collection. Liquid paint must never be thrown out in regular garbage. It harms the environment, damages roadways and ruins private property when compacted in the back of a garbage truck. Properly dispose of paint.
  • Place porcelain, ceramic, and/or stone fixtures and materials  (e.g.: toilet, sink, tiles, countertops) out for collection. These items are prohibited from curbside pick up. These materials must be self-hauled to a disposal facility or removed by a privately contracted waste hauler.
  • Place items at curbside prior to 6 p.m. the evening before your scheduled collection day. It is a violation of the Town Code (emptied garbage cans must be removed no later than 12 pm the day after collection).
  • Place large amounts of remodeling or construction debris out for pick-up. For amounts exceeding your collection service limits, you must make alternate disposal arrangements.(Either self-haul or hiring a roll-off.)  Residents are advised that home improvements contractors are required by Town Code §  133-1. I. to remove any waste generated by their activities from the premises and dispose of them on their own at their own expense, which may passed through to the homeowner via the construction/home improvement contract. These materials cannot be placed curbside for collection.
  • Place out for collection any waste consisting primarily of concrete, cement, stones and/or landscaping soil/sand. To dispose of items of this type you must make alternate disposal arrangements.(Either self-haul or hiring a roll-off.)
  • Place any refuse, bulk, yardwaste or recycling out for collection in front of any property other than your own.

Additional Disposal Guidelines

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