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Town-Sponsored Public Art

Public Art documented in this portion of the Public Art Inventory includes all Town-owned art in public places.  While many of these works in the Town's Public Art Collection were acquired or commissioned through the Town's Public Art Initiative established in 1998, some listed works were obtained by the Town through other programs or agencies, either before or after the establishment of the Public Art Initiative.  This is particularly evident in the "Monuments & Memorials" category, which includes several works commissioned to memorialize the service of various groups of U.S. military veterans, as well as Huntington residents who were victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. 

In addition to documenting Town-owned public art, this section of the inventory also includes temporary public art installations in Town parks or beaches that are sponsored by the Town of Huntington, but where the artwork may NOT be owned by the Town.  Typically such installations involve either artworks temporarily on loan from the artist to the Town or, in some cases, site-specific installations created specially for the Town that are ephemeral in nature and cease to exist as artworks following their de-installation.  In order to document the complete history of such temporary public art installations, an archive documenting prior installations that are no longer on view in the Town is also provided. 

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