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Monuments & Memorials (Town-Sponsored)

Unique, artist-designed, commemorative works that were sponsored by or are currently owned by the Town are documented in this inventory category.  However, monuments and memorials that lack a substantial, unique, artistic component are NOT listed here. 

For information on the many historical monuments not included in this Public Art Inventory, contact the Office of the Town Historian, the Huntington Historical Society, or other local historical societies. 

Title:  Korean War Memorial

Artist(s):  Sculptor Barbara L. Ludwig, based on an August 28, 1950 photograph by Al Chang

Other Collaborators:  Korean War Memorial Committee chaired by Len Tortora Jr.

Year of Creation:  1992

Medium:  Bronze plaques mounted on stone

Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD):  98 x 108 x 12 in.

Description:  Text flanks a cast bronze relief of soldiers based on a wartime photograph by Al Chang. 

Markings/Inscriptions:  PILLAR:  "38th Parallel"  TOP:  "Dedicated to the Men & Women who Served in the Korean War 1950-1953"  LEFT:  "The Forgotten War - The Korean War left an enormous legacy that has changed the very course or the world.  The struggle not only saved the southern half of the Korean peninsula from Communist despotism, but also set it on the road toward democracy."  RIGHT:  "54,246 Americans Dead, 103,284 Americans Wounded, 8,377 Americans Missing in Action.  A victory 'forgotten' by history remembered forever by those who sacrificed in battle, and those who suffered the loss of loved ones."

Hamlet:  Huntington Village

Street/Site Location:  Municipal property next to the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Bldg., 225 Main St.

Owner/Administrator:  Town of Huntington

Title:  Women Veterans Memorial

Artist(s):  Designed by women veterans; faces depicted are from a vintage poster

Other Collaborators:  Cast by A.R.T. Research Enterprises, Lancaster, PA

Year of Creation:  2001

Medium:  Cast bronze with patina on granite base

Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD):  80 x 72 x 3 in.

Description:  Set in large open bronze circle atop a black granite base are representational faces (3/4 view) of women representing Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, and Coast Guard divisions of the military.  Women are depicted in authentic uniform based on the actual hats provided by members of the Veterans Advisory Board who had served in the military.

Markings/Inscriptions:  On base:  "Army Navy Marine Corps Airforce Coast Guard Memorial to the women of Huntington who served in the military.  Women's Military service to our country began with the Revolutionary War."  On Eagle Seal above circle:  "E Pluribus Unum"

Hamlet:  Huntington Village

Street/Site Location:  In Veterans Plaza in front of Huntington Town Hall, 100 Main St.

Owner/Administrator:  Town of Huntington


Title:  Christopher Colombus

Artist(s):  Clemente Spampinato

Other Collaborators:  Sam Albicoco commissioned & donated this work along with design & construction of the surrounding plaza.

Year of Creation:  1971

Medium:  Cast bronze

Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD):  132 x 60 x 48 in.

Description:  Larger-than-life representational figure of Colombus depicts him in cape with sword in right hand and flag in left, poised atop a massive boulder base set in a basin. 

Markings/Inscriptions:  "90th Anniversary of the Order Sons of Italy in America Suffolk County Lodges 1905-1995"  NOTE:  This plaque clearly postdates the installation of the Colombus figure and construction of the surrounding plaza. 

Hamlet:  Huntington Village

Street/Site Location:  Eastern corner of the intersection of Rt. 25A & Lawrence Hill Rd.

Owner/Administrator:  Town of Huntington

Title:  September 11 Memorial

Artist(s):  Ken Hudes

Year of Creation:  2006

Medium:  Core-ten steel, Plexiglas, aluminum, water, recirculating pump, stone dust, & landscaping 

Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD):  9 x 100 x 10 ft.

Description:  Thirty-eight weathered Cor-ten steel columns and demarcate a sacred path to a commemorative waterfall into a pool from which rise two clear Plexiglas towers.  At the entrance to the Memorial, a plaque recognizes the 43 Huntington citizens who lost their lives in the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. 

Markings/Inscriptions:  "September 11 Memorial; Dedicated September 11, 2006; In honor of the citizens of Huntington who lost their lives in the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001:  Andrew A. Abate, Brian G. Ahearn,  Joseph P. Anchundia, Ezra Aviles, Craig M. Blass, Judson (Judd) Cavalier, Susan Clyne, Thomas F. Collins, Ronald Comer, Michael J. Duffy, Dennis M. Edwards, Eric A. Eisenberg, Mark A. Ellis, Terrance P. Farrell, Thomas P. Farrelly, Peter B. Genco, Jeffery G. Goldflam, Karen Hagerty, Philip T. Hayes, Jake D. Jagoda, Christopher D. Jones, Frederick H. Kelley, Martin Lizzia, Farrell P. Lynch, Edward J. Mardovich, Michael P. McCarthy, Thomas M. McHale, Rocco A. Medagua, Kevin A. Murphy, Peter A. Nelson, Christopher M. Panatier, Lorenzo Ramzey, James B. Reilly, Kristin Rvine Ryan, Francis J. Sapocha, Dennis Scaliso, Daniel L. Smith, Robert Sutcliffe, Michael Tapponio, Brian T. Thompson, Daniel P. Trant, John Wallke, Jr., Oleh D. Wengerchuk.  TOWN OF HUNTINGTON:  Frank P. Petrone, Supervisor; Susan A. Berland, Councilwoman, Stuart P. Besen, Councilman; Mark A. Cuthbertson, Councilman; Glenda A. Jackson, Councilwoman./Ken Hudes, Architect.

Hamlet:  Huntington Village

Street/Site Location:  Heckscher Park, 2 Prime Ave. (between Heckscher Museum of Art & the Chapin Rainbow Stage)

Owner/Administrator:  Town of Huntington 


Title:  Dress Armor

Artist(s):  Thea Lanzisero

Other Collaborators:  Purchased by the Town of Huntington Public Art Initiative with the assistance of various private donors. 

Year of Creation:  2010

Medium:  Welded steel (painted)

Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD):  5 x 3 x 3 ft.

Description:  A life-size white dress made of welded steel "bagel chips" stands upright as if worn by an invisible person.  (See text of artist's statement below.)  For additional information on this work click here

Markings/Inscriptions:  Text on Interpretive Plaque:  This dress was created as a contemplative sculpture that connects memory, loss, femininity and hope. This is a full-scale sculpture of a young woman’s dress reminiscent of the era of Anne Frank and reflective of Anne’s childhood innocence and adolescent hopes and dreams. The empty dress plays tribute to the young woman whose life was cut short, symbolizing our temporary physical presence here while connecting the threads of lasting memory.

My work has explored the dress as a form and symbol of feminine identity. I have explored this form through handmade paper maquettes, tree dresses out of bamboo, sewn paper costumes, and finally a steel child’s dress. I want the pieces to convey gesture and movement, although they are static.

I’m interested in creating bold feminine structures that encompass a balance between nature and manmade. In a body of work inspired by the circle, I meditate on feminine aspects of egg, birth, and cyclical patterns. Individual circles are constructed to balance solid form with negative space, allowing light and air to flow through. Playing with negative space as an equal element, the exoskeleton forms engage the viewer to visually “fill in” information or look through and beyond. These armor-like lace structures are vulnerable yet fearless.

Hamlet:  Melville

Street/Site Location:  Anne Frank Memorial Garden in Arboretum Park

Owner/Administrator:  Town of Huntington