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Economic Development Corporation (EDC)

The Town of Huntington Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is a not-for-profit corporation that was established by the Huntington Town Board in 2003 to foster economic development and business opportunities throughout the Town. The EDC's volunteer board provides ongoing advisory services to the Town Board on various matters, chief among them, the ongoing revitalization of Huntington Station. The EDC Board convenes at Huntington Town Hall. For more information about the EDC contact (631) 351-2881.

Board Members:

Jim Kaden, Chair

Christopher Birrer, Vice Chair 

Peggy Karayianakis, Secretary/Treasurer 

Lisa Hargrove, Director

Melissa Naeder, Director

Dolores Thompson, Director

Robert Ripp, Ex-Officio

Angel Cepeda, Executive Director


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