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ZBA Procedures for Hearings Starting in August 2021 (Revised June 2021)

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) 

Zoning Board Members

Richard McGrath 2/15/2018  12/31/2024
John Castagna 12/15/2020  12/31/2027
Hon. W. Gerard Asher 1/4/2022 12/31/2028
Alvin White 1/4/2022 12/31/2028 
Jeffrey M. Bartholomew 1/11/2022 12/31/2028
James Basso 1/3/2024 12/31/2030
Mark Capodanno 1/4/2023 12/31/2029
Janice Whelan (Alternate)   5/9/23 5/8/2025 

Huntington's Zoning Board of Appeals consists of seven (7) members, all residents of the Town appointed by the Huntington Town Board to terms of services in accord with State and local law. In most cases, applications before the ZBA  deal with requests by property owners for relief from the Town Code where literal enforcement of Zoning restriction would deprive the property owner of reasonable benefit or cause unnecessary hardship.  The ZBA acts in accordance with the powers granted in statute as well as by prior legal precedent.

Use the Important Information link for guidance on the following ZBA topic areas:

 • Fees
 • Scheduling
 • Rules of Procedure
 • Legal Counsel
 • Tips on ZBA Appearances
 • Variances
 • Area Variances
 • Use Variances
 • Special Use or Conditional Use
 • Video Recordings
 • ZBA, Planning & Town Board Agendas
 • Receive notice of the Public Hearing
 • Unable to attend the Public Hearing
 • Checking on the status of a pending ZBA Application

Contact Information

Zoning Board of Appeals

Hon. W. Gerard Asher, Chair
John Castagna, Vice Chair
John C. Bennett, Special Counsel

Town Hall (Room 212)
100 Main Street 
Huntington, NY 11743
Phone: (631) 351-3196
Fax: (631) 351-3257