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Marriage Licenses

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Marriage Officiants in Nassau and Suffolk Counties (PDF)
Getting Married in New York State
New York State Domestic Relations Law

The office is open for Marriage Licenses from 8:30a to 3:45p Monday through Friday.  The application process takes approximately 1/2 hour and you will be issued the license that day. Please allow additional wait time during lunch hours (12p - 2p).   

Please download and complete the Marriage License Worksheet in order to facilitate the process.

Below a list of required documentation to be furnished by all applicants who intend to apply for a marriage license from the Town of Huntington.

Photocopies/Pictures of any of the below documentation will NOT be accepted.

1) One of the following documents establishing Proof of Identity:
a. Driver’s License
b. Passport
c. Non-Driver ID
d. Military ID

2) One of the following documents establishing Proof of Age:
a. Original or certified copy of Birth Certificate issued by a state or local registrar’s office with an official seal
b. Original or certified copy of Baptismal or other religious record
c. Naturalization Record

ADDITIONAL Requirements if Previously Married:

Applicants who were married previously must also provide proof of how ALL prior marriages ended. The following is a list of acceptable documentation:
- Original or certified copy of a Judgment of Divorce with an official seal
- Original or certified copy of a Certificate of Death with an official seal

Foreign Documentation:
If you are submitting documentary proof that is written in a language other than English or Spanish, it must be accompanied by written certified translation on which appears the notarized signature of the translator

Application Fee (All Applicants):
Application Fee of $40. Payment can be made in cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card. If paying by credit/debit card, an additional $2.50 convenience fee will be charged by the company which processes the transaction.