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Landscaping Registration (*as per Town of Huntington Code Chapter 132 Landscaping)

*As per Chapter 132 (Landscaping) of the Town of Huntington Town Code, enacted at the March 31, 2020 Town Board meeting, for which a public hearing was held on March 10, 2020, any commercial landscaper performing commercial landscaping within the Town of Huntington shall register with the Town Clerk and obtain a current registration decal issued by the Town Clerk.  

All Town of Huntington registration decals issued shall be in effect for one (1) year commencing on April 1st of each calendar year and expiring on the last day of March of each calendar year.  Landscapers shall renew their registration with the Town annually upon the filing of a renewal application.


1. Registration Application: Landscaper Registration Application 2024-2025- new and renewal

2. Name of commercial landscaper (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation) as it appears on the Suffolk County license  

3. Copy of a valid license issued by Suffolk County necessary to conduct commercial landscaping within Suffolk County

4. Vehicle Information: registration, make, and license plate number for each vehicle to be utilized

         for commercial landscaping within the Town (vehicle registration must indicate business name or business owner name)

5. Filing fee (nonrefundable) of $50 which includes a decal for the first vehicle  **

6. There is an additional fee of $5.00 for each additional decal required

7. Renewal fee $30 which includes one decal, additional decals $5.00 per vehicle

8. Any landscaper not renewing for one or more years shall be considered a new applicant

9.  If your vehicle registration does not match either your name or the business, please submit a sworn affidavit by the owner of the vehicle attesting to the permitted use of the vehicle for your business. You may obtain an affidavit HERE.

** There is no filing fee for any applicant registering with the Town for the first time who can provide receipts showing that five (5) or more pieces of landscaping equipment powered by electric or battery motors have been purchased by the applicant for use in its commercial landscaping business within the last year.  Please provide proof , such as receipts or any additional documents requested for each piece of electric or battery operated landscape equipment purchased.  Failure to utilize such equipment subsequent to submitting the signed certification shall be deemed a violation.

Decals shall be conspicuously affixed to the driver’s side of every truck, dump truck, van or other motor vehicle owned, leased or otherwise used by any person engaged in commercial landscaping at all times when the vehicle is located within the Town.  Such decal shall be visible to any peace or police officer and any inspector, official, officer or employee of the Town or other governmental agency or authority.  Failure to do so shall be a violation of Chapter 132.  Each truck, dump truck, van or other motor vehicle without a registration decal affixed shall be considered a separate violation.
Note:  A penalty of twenty dollars ($20.00) shall be charged to the maker of a check returned for insufficient funds.

To apply by mail, please fill enclose a completed, signed Landscape Registration application, copies of all required documents and a check with the appropriate fee, made out to “Andrew P. Raia, Town Clerk” and mail to:
Town Clerk Andrew P. Raia
100 Main Street
Huntington, N.Y. 11743

If you have additional questions, please contact the Town Clerk's office at (631) 351-3206.