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Hispanic Task Force

Comprised of community members; the Hispanic Advisory Task Force serves as a liaison between the local government and the community. The Task Force plays a pivotal role in the planning and execution of the Town’s Hispanic Heritage Program.

               Task Force Members
 Veronica Melgar - Chairperson
 Guillermo Perez - Vice-Chairperson
 Lovelee Aparicio-Vetri - Chairperson of Donations & Fundraising
 Daniel Cajigas
 Maria Carballude
 Norman Gomez-Vasquez
 Jackie Martinez
 Marta Negron-Smith - Honorary Member
 Libardo Ramos
 Rocio Rivas-Lizama
 Gloria Robles
 Dr. Arlene Rodriguez
 Carmen Kasper -  Ex-Officio, non-voting


The mission of the Huntington Hispanic Task Force is to foster intercultural understanding and to empower Hispanics to overcome the challenges they face and make their voices heard in the community.

We envision Huntington Hispanic Task Force as a strong, community-centered organization grounded in Hispanic culture. We commit to being transparent and accountable to our community, volunteers, partners, donors, allies and supporters. We believe that social change is best achieved through collaboration, community empowerment and civic engagement.


  • Increase access to services and opportunities, individually and collectively
  • Protect the rights of immigrants and the Hispanic community
  • Foment civic participation and community engagement
  • Promote an equitable, just and inclusive society for the improvement of the Hispanic community.

For more information please call, Carmen Kasper (631) 351-3304 or e-mail


Food-To-Go Locations (subject to change, please call prior)

Housing Help Inc: A Resource for Housing Challenges and Solutions

Legal Services:

  • Suffolk County Bar Association Lawyer Referral and Information Service: (631) 234-5577
  • Nassau/Suffolk Law Services: (631) 232-2400
  • Catholic Charities Immigrant Services: (631) 789-5210
  • Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County: (631) 852-1660
  • Touro Law Center Legal Clinic and Law Services for the Community: (631) 761- 7080

Financial Literacy:

According to current statistics, nearly half of all Americans today give themselves a grade of C or lower in their knowledge of personal finance. An additional 56% admit they do not have a budget and 39% do not have non-retirement savings. These financial literacy statistics reflect a strong need for improvements in basic money management skills. In an effort to enhance financial skills and foster economic self-sufficiency, The Huntington Hispanic Task Force conducts free financial education workshops in partnership with nonprofit organizations, and other community groups. These collaborations are providing a foundation to help individuals and families manage their personal finances, helping them to make sound financial decisions. Our Task force members are able to conduct workshops for children, teens, young adults, adults and seniors using age-appropriate lesson plans available through the FDIC Money Smart Program and American Bankers Association curriculum. These comprehensive financial education lesson plans include topics such as, money management, bank services, how credit works, financial recovery, first-time homebuyer education, and fraud and scam prevention, among others.