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Greenway Trails Citizen's Advisory Committee

Greenway Trails Committee Members

 Member                      Community Affiliation Term Expiring
 Laura McKellar, Chair  Huntington Conservation Board 2022
 Laurie Farber   Starflower Experiences 2022
 Charles Bravo  Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclists (CLIMB) 2022
 Richard Meyer  Conservation Board, Park Steward Coordinator 2022
 Lynn Plunkett  Adirondack Mountain Club of Long Island 2022
 Barbara Haerter  EOSPA Committee 2021
 Lynn Geisler   Huntington Trails Association 2021 
 Marvin Glassman  Nassau-Suffolk Horsemen’s Association 2021
 Bruce Howe  Long Island Mountain Bicyclist 2023 
 Ginny Munger-Kahn President, The Long Island Dog Owners Group (LI-DOG) 2023 
 David Junkins Huntington-Oyster Bay Audubon Society 2024


The Huntington Greenway Trails Advisory Committee is comprised of volunteers that represent major trail users, including hikers, runners, bicyclists, equestrians, and conservationists.* 

The Trails Advisory Committee assists the Parks & Recreation and Planning & Environment departments with trail identification, mapping and planning (courses, distances, features, and difficulty). The Committee also assists with programming with the goal of increasing public appreciation the Town’s parks and trails and providing more opportunities for recreational use and access. In addition, members lead hikes and monitor trails to assess repair and maintenance needs. 

The Committee was also instrumental in publication of town’s first “Huntington Trails Guide” (2009) featuring more than twenty trails at twenty different park sites within the Town of Huntington. The Trails Guide earned Huntington the NY Association of Conservation Commissions Education Award that year. The Town now updates and republishes the Huntington Trails Guide (PDF) annually.

*See: Huntington Town Code, Section 159, Huntington Greenway Trail 

Contact Information

Laura McKellar
, Chair
David KaufmanPlanning & Environment Liaison 
Town Hall (Room 212) 
100 Main Street  
Huntington, NY 11743 
Phone: (631) 351-3196
Fax: (631) 351-3257

Huntington Greenway Trails Logo

In March 2010, Councilman Mark Cuthbertson and the Trails Advisory Committee made an open invitation to all high school students to design a logo that would embody the goals and ideals of the Town and the Greenway Trails Committee. The winning logo (right) by Adam Feldman, a junior at Commack High School, captured both the natural beauty of Huntington's trails system and the concept of use by those of all abilities and interests. A simple sneaker footprint entwined within which is a bicyclist, a wheelchair trekker, a horseshoe, and a hiker. This logo is instantly recognizable and featured on the trail signage throughout the Town.