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Going Out of Business License

New York State General Business Law (Article 29-F, Section 580) seeks to protect the public interest by requiring the regulation of Going Out of Business Sales through the licensing, in order to prevent fraud and imposition. Detailed information regarding New York State General Business Law can be found at NYS General Business Law.

Download Going Out of Business License Application (PDF)
Download Going Out of Business License Extension (PDF)

Instructions for Going Out of Business License 

Submit application fifteen (15) days prior to start of sale.

  • Application must be sign and notarized.
  • Submit an itemized inventory.
  • Include check for $500 for the first month ($50 for second month, if necessary).  A penalty of twenty dollars ($20.00) shall be charged to the maker of a check returned for insufficient funds.


License will be issued for a 30-day period.

License may be extended for one consecutive period not to exceed 30 days with an affidavit to include what goods listed in the original inventory have not been disposed of and that no new goods have been or will be added to the inventory previously filed.

Affidavit for extension and revised inventory shall be filed with fee of $50 not more than ten (10) days prior to the date of the expiration of the license.

Application and inventory will be forwarded to Code Enforcement Bureau Inspector who will contact person in charge of sale to make an appointment for a visual inspection. Sale will commence only after inspection by Code Enforcement Bureau Inspector.

Refunds: At end of the one or two month sale, Code Enforcement Inspector will make a visual inspection to establish whether or not inventory has been depleted and store is truly closed. Based on this inspection, a refund of $425 may be issued, by check, to the owner or designated representative at the address indicated in the application.