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Clothing Bin Permit Application*

* Per Huntington Town Code, Chapter 92, Clothes Drop-Off Bins

It is unlawful for any person, business entity or corporation except the Town of Huntington or other municipal agency to maintain, place, empty or remove or cause to be maintained, placed, emptied or removed a clothes drop-off bin without having first obtained a permit issued by the Town Clerk. Please refer to Chapter 92 of the Huntington Town Code for complete requirements.

An application processing fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) shall be charged in advance for each one-year period the bin shall be in place.  Note: A penalty of twenty dollars ($20.00) shall be charged to the maker of a check returned for insufficient funds.

A permit is valid from July 1 to June 30 of the following year and renewable for one-year periods thereafter.

The permit shall be affixed to the bin used by the permit holder for the collection and storage of new or used clothing, prior to the placement of the clothes drop-off bin . Upon the sale or transfer of a bin, a new permit issued to the new owner shall be affixed to the bin prior to placing it in service.

Anyone wishing to apply for a clothes drop-off bin permit should return a completed application to the Town Clerk’s office.

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