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Pay or Appeal a Parking Ticket

Parking tickets must be responded to within 30 days of issuance; failure to do so may result in various consequences.

Pay Parking Summons Online

  Pay Parking Summons 

* Appeals (Not Guilty pleas) must be submitted within 30 days of issuance and must be accompanied by signed original copy.

Parking Summons FAQs

  How do I pay a parking summons?

There are multiple ways to pay:
1. If your summons has a picture, click here or call (631) 815-7896.
2. If your summons does NOT have a picture, click here or call (631) 351-3048
3. By mailing in a check or money order payable to the Town of Huntington.  Please include the summons #(s) with all correspondence. 
4. By coming into Town Hall, Main Lobby Window, 100 Main St., Huntington, NY 11743 and paying by credit or debit card, check, money order (or cash up to $25.00).

NOTE: If your summons is handwritten you will need to wait until the summons is in our system to pay online or you can mail it in with payment or come into Town Hall with it and we can enter it into our system.

  How will payment appear on my credit card statement? 
  • If your summons has a picture, payments will appear on credit card statement as: huntingtonny
  • If your summons does NOT have a picture, payments will appear on credit card statement as: ATEG/Huntington NY Summons
  After I return a “not guilty” plea on a summons, what can I expect? 

A “not guilty” plea for a parking ticket takes approximately 2 weeks from the date the Town of Huntington Traffic Violations Bureau receives it to be processed in the system. Normal procedure for all “not guilty” pleas is the appointment of a conference between the registered owner of the vehicle and the Town Attorney. A letter will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle indicating the time and date to appear at the Town of Huntington Traffic Court held in the Huntington Town Hall building, Room 114, 100 Main St., Huntington, NY. For “not guilty” pleas that are received with a letter of explanation that requires no further information for the Town Attorney, and the explanation satisfactorily supports the reason for not guilty, the Town Attorney may make a decision on the summons without the need for the registered owner to appear. In such cases where you have submitted a satisfactory letter of explanation and you have not heard back from the court, (approximately 4 weeks from your original submission) you can call the Traffic Violations Bureau Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM to confirm the disposition of the ticket, as it takes approximately 2 additional weeks for the system to be updated.

  How do I get to the Town of Huntington Traffic Court?

Appearance at the Town of Huntington Traffic Court is by appointment only. Court is held in the Huntington Town Hall building, 100 Main St., Huntington, NY 11743.

  How can I access the Traffic Code online?

You can view the Huntington Traffic Code online by accessing this link:
Select QUICKVIEW and then use the Search Tool in the upper right hand corner to find the related code.

The Town of Huntington Traffic Code can also be found toward the end of the Table of Contents. Example: You wish to view the Traffic Code for a ticket received for “Parking in a No Parking Zone”. The ticket will reference the Chapter and Section of the Code where you will find this under, “3-3A(1)”. Open up the chapter that reflects the first number in the violation, in this example, it would be Chapter TC3, the first number in the violation 3-3A(1). There you can then find the section that pertains to the violation you wish to view.

 What do I need to do if I got Handicap Zone ticket but I  have a Handicap Parking Permit?

If a vehicle is (standing, stopped or parked) in a designated Handicap Parking space and the permit is not clearly visible and/or hanging from the rear view mirror, (even if the passenger(s) are still in the vehicle,) it is a violation of the Handicap Parking regulations and a summons is issued. To plead “not guilty” to this violation, you will need to submit the original ticket with the appropriate box checked in the plea form section, your name and address and phone number filled in, and a photocopy of the Handicap Parking Permit and a copy of your license along with a statement of explanation. Please indicate whom the Handicap Permit is issued to, and the relationship to the registered owner of the vehicle if they are not one in the same.

  I received a parking ticket, how long do I have to make the payment?

Parking tickets are due upon receipt; however, no late charges will be assessed if payment in full is received within 30 days of the date of issue on the summons. Failure to respond to a parking ticket by Day 30 may result in the reduction of Town services, imposition of a default judgment, nonrenewal of New York State motor vehicle registration (if applicable) and/or immobilization. See the Traffic Violations Bureau Ticket Timeline.

 Can I answer a Police ticket at the Town of Huntington Traffic Violations Bureau?

You can answer a “Town of Huntington Parking Summons” issued by a Suffolk County police officer. Those summons will say Town of Huntington Parking Summons on the front of it and will have our address in bold Red writing on the back of the summons.


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The Traffic Violations Bureau Accepts walk-ins Monday-Friday 9am-1pm and 2pm-4pm.
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