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Plumbing permits shall be required for the installation, repair, or modification of plumbing systems, medical gas systems, natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas piping, or the installation or modification of irrigation systems. The Director of Engineering Services or his designee shall issue plumbing permits upon compliance by the applicant with all state and local requirements and standards. 

(In the case of properties within one of Huntington's incorporated villages – Asharoken, Huntington Bay, Lloyd Harbor and Northport – the permit function is handled by your Village building officials.)

A complete plumbing permit submission shall consist of the following items:

  1. Plumbing Permit Application Form 87-13

  2. Plans and Specifications depicting the proposed work.  Examples of acceptable plans are available for viewing at the Building Department office, Room 115.

    1. Submissions shall include three (3) sets of plans and specifications for the proposed work.  Required drawings shall include but not be limited to:

      1. Site Plan

      2. Building Plan View

      3. Building Cross Section/Elevation

      4. Riser Diagram

      5. Manufacturer’s Equipment Cut Sheets

  3. Application fee in accordance with §153-48

Additional Notes to applicants:

  1. It shall be unlawful for any person, to install, repair, or modify any plumbing or heating system or fixture without benefit of a valid master or limited plumbing license issued by the Director of Engineering Services.  With the exception of gas piping, an owner of a one and two family dwelling may conduct plumbing alteration, repair, maintenance or installation activities within said premises without benefit of a license as long as the work is performed by the owner and not by the owner’s contractor or other person.

  2. Fire Suppression and Fire Sprinkler Systems are regulated under Huntington Town Code (Section 111-21). Applications for permits to install fire sprinkler and fire suppression systems must be submitted to the Bureau of Fire Prevention, located in Town Hall (Room 105). Phone: (631) 351-3138.

  3. A copy of the Plumbing Permit must be kept on site when the work is being performed.  

  4. No work is authorized to start until the Plumbing Permit has been issued.