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New Residential Dwellings

A Building Permit Application is required for all new Residential Projects for the construction, alteration, moving, repair, and modification, demolition, in whole or in part or the change of use of any building or structure.

Filing Instructions. The following items must be submitted to file for a new residential dwelling building permit:

1. Two (2) completed Building Permit Application (87-01). Application forms should be filled out in their entirety and must be signed by the property owner & notarized. NOT the architect, engineer, or contractor.  

2. Copies of a plot plan which shall indicate the following:          

a. The lot size expressed in square feet, the size, and percentage of lot coverage and setbacks to property lines of the proposed building.
b. The average front yard depth of the existing buildings within 200 feet on each side of the lot.
c. All required existing and proposed elevations and the minimum floor elevation calculations. 
d. When  an application involves a subdivision or lot reappointment, application shall also be reviewed  for the purpose of considering preservation of existing trees on the site. In such cases, the application must contain a specific plan, containing a tree legend which will identify by number, species and caliper [four inches or more] those trees to be preserved, removed and /or replaced.

3. Three (3) sets of detailed architectural and structural construction plans (construction documents), that indicate compliance with the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, and Energy Conservation Code. The seal and signature of a registered architect or a professional engineer is required on all plans.

4. Suffolk County Department of Health Services Approval Stamp, or confirmation of filing.

5. A Curb Cut Permit secured from the Highway Department. (link to highway).

6. Two (2) Plumbing Permit Application (87-13) (separate fee) signed & notarized by a plumber licensed to perform work in the Town of Huntington. To be taken out after building permit is issued.

7. A Certificate of Workers Compensation. (Use form C-105.2 or U 26.3 as applicable.)

8. A Design Professionals Certificate of Compliance.

Notes. After the permit has been issued and the foundation construction is complete, along with a foundation approved inspection and before any framing may begin, a foundation location survey by a licensed land surveyor must be submitted that indicates:

1. The Building Permit Number.
2. The elevation of the top of the foundation wall.
3. The setbacks of the foundation to all property lines.
4. A certification from the licensed land surveyor indicating: the average front yard depth of the existing buildings within two hundred feet (200') on each side of the lot and within the same block in the same use district, or if there are less than two (2) existing buildings on the same side of the street, the average front yard depth of existing buildings within two hundred feet (200') on each side directly opposite the lot in the same use district. 

No person shall be permitted to alter any application except the owner. The application is a sworn statement. Anyone knowingly entering false information thereon may be guilty of a criminal offense.

It is the policy of this department to abandon and destroy, without notification, any application that has been left dormant by the owner or agent thereof for 1 year. All fees paid in relation to such application will be non-refundable and non-transferable. If permit is cancelled within 90 days of issuance, one-third of the fee is refundable upon request. NO REFUND AFTER 90 DAYS.