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To Request Transcripts of Live Births

To submit your request online click here Request My Birth Certificate   

Download copy of Birth Transcript Request Form (PDF)

Request My Pre-Adoption Certificate (PAC)

A certified transcript of a certificate of live birth may only be released upon the request of the: Individual Named on the Certificate, a Parent, Legal Guardian or by Court Order. 

Huntington Registrar Andrew Raia has on record only those births that occurred within the:

• Town of Huntington (Unincorporated Areas)
• Villages of Asharoken, Huntington Bay and Lloyd Harbor 

Requests for births that occurred in the Village of Northport should be directed to the Northport Village Clerk at (631) 261-7502. 

Your written request should be addressed to Andrew P. Raia, Town Clerk/Registrar, Town of Huntington, 100 Main Street, Huntington, NY 11743 and should include: 

• The Full Name of the Person at Birth
• Date of Birth
• Place of Birth
• Father’s Full Name
• Mother’s Full Name (maiden surname)
• The purpose for which the record is required
• Your relationship to the person on the record requested
• Return Address and Telephone Number
• Please include a photocopy of your current Driver License or other Acceptable Identification

There is a $10 (ten dollar) fee for each certified copy produced on safety paper with a raised seal. ATM/Debit cards are accepted over the counter. (Please note that users of an ATM/Debit cards incur an additional $2.50 convenience fee payable to the processor, VitalChek Network – not the Town.  Credit cards are accepted for an additional $2.50 up to $62.50; for credit card  transactions above $62.50 the fee is 4% of the transaction fee.  The processor fee will appear on your monthly bank statement.) A penalty of twenty dollars ($20.00) shall be charged to the maker of a check returned for insufficient funds.
  • Some examples of purpose for which Birth Record is Required: Passport, Social Security-Retirement, Social Security-SSI, Retirement, Employment, Driver License/Learner Permit, Welfare Assistance, Veteran’s Benefits, Court Proceeding, Entrance into Armed Forces.
  • Types of Acceptable Identification: Driver’s License, Non-driver’s ID, Passport, Naturalization Papers, Military ID, Police report of Lost or Stolen ID. Married women must provide documentation linking maiden name surname to married name. 
Telephone Requests: Requests over the telephone may be made using a Credit card. There is an additional $7 (seven dollar) processing fee for this service, which is charged by the VitalChek Network, the official government approved service provider.

 Internet Requests: You may also submit your request through the VitalChek Network at VitalChek Network using a credit card. Please have supported documentation available to scan along with your request.

For information on how to request a Pre-Adoption Birth Certificate (PAC) please click here:   PAC

If you have further questions please contact Town Clerk Andrew Raia's office at (631) 351-3206.