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Huntington Bay Constables

Bay Constables are one of the oldest recognized forms of law enforcement in the State of New York. As peace officers specializing in marine and conservation law enforcement, Bay Constables have been a vital arm of Town government on Long Island for more than a century.  

Duties currently include enforcement of Town Navigation Laws, public recreational boating safety training, maintenance of aids to navigation, sampling and making observations and reports supporting conservation, public health and public safety in coordination with other local and State and federal agencies watching over U.S. waters.

In emergencies, always dial 911 from a phone or use Channel 16 on the marine radio to request the assistance of a Huntington Bay Constable

For non-emergencies, the Bay Constable can be reached during normal business hours at (631) 351-3255. The Harbormaster's Office will take the message and summon a Bay Constable to contact you.