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Eligibility & Enrollment

Special Service paratransit riders must complete a written application. In order to make the application process go most smoothly, please read through the introductory information and follow the instructions in the Enrollment Application.

There are two enrollment categories:

1. ADA Paratransit Eligible – This type of enrollment is for persons who have a disability or impairment-related condition that would prevent them from using regularly-scheduled, fixed-route transit buses when available.

Verification of your disability by a licensed health care professional who is familiar with your condition and functional disability is required. ADA Paratransit Eligible enrollments are recognized on a reciprocal (but limited) visitors basis by transit operators nationwide that, like HART, also provide complementary ADA paratransit. Download Enrollment Application

2. Town Eligible – This type of enrollment is for non-driving senior citizen (60+) Town of Huntington residents who cannot travel by regularly-scheduled, fixed-route transit buses because they are not available.

This enrollment category is not recognized outside of the Town of Huntington and enrollees in this category do not qualify for protections afforded by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Paratransit service is offered based on need, not preference, and enrollees who actually can travel by regularly-scheduled, fixed-route transit buses for the general public when they are available within ¾ of a mile would be expected to use them, not paratransit.

Town Eligible service is provided on a lower priority basis than ADA Paratransit Eligible service, so HART strongly recommends that individuals with a disability or impairment-related condition that would affect their ability to use regular buses apply for enrollment on the basis of disability, not at this reduced “Town Eligible” level. Download Enrollment Application

Contact Information

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To file a complaint, compliment or suggestion:
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