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Other Public Art in Huntington

In addition to public art sponsored by the Town of Huntington, there are numerous examples in our community of art in public places that have been installed by private businesses, non-profit organizations, schools, libraries, and other governmental agencies.  This section of the Public Art Inventory documents these additional public art installations made by non-Town agencies typically on non-Town properties. 

As there is no requirement for non-Town agencies to report such public art installations to the Town, it is almost inevitable that this listing is incomplete.  We welcome your assistance in alerting us to gaps in this documentation.  If you are aware of public art in Huntington that is NOT included in this inventory, please contact the Town of Huntington Division of Cultural Affairs at 631-351-3099 or via e-mail.   

Use the links below to view documentation of other (non-Town) public art installations in Huntington grouped according to the following categories: