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Beach & Park Event Forms

The Town of Huntington welcomes its residents to reserve areas at its Parks & Beaches for group events and picnics.  

Because the demand for use of Parks & Recreation facilities is high and group use can involve additional security and maintenance responsibilities, Parks & Recreation authorizes such use by permit, links to the forms for which appear below.

Permit: Whenever any group, league or organization requires the use of recreation or park facilities for a particular purpose, such as picnics, gatherings, league sports, exhibitions, meetings or special events, a permit is required from the Director of Parks & Recreation for the specific use desired in specifically designated areas. The following permits are available from the Department of Parks and Recreation:

Special Event Permits: required for special events. A special event is an event, whether indoor or outdoors, that is held on public property or streets, that can reasonably be expected to cause a public gathering that is not part of the normal course of business, such as, but not limited to, assemblies, meetings, antique and craft fairs and exhibitions.

Application: Completed applications shall be filed a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the date of the event and all other required documents shall be filed no later than fifteen (15) days before an event as specified on forms provided by the Department of Parks and Recreation. A permit may be denied if all required documents are not submitted within the specified time period.

Insurance Requirements: Except in the case of picnics, no permit will be issued until the applicant provides a certificate of insurance issued by an insurance company licensed to do business within the State of New York naming the Town of Huntington, the Huntington Town Board and Huntington Town Board of Trustees as additional insured and a hold harmless agreement in the form approved by the Town Attorney, signed by the applicant and accepted by the Director of Parks & Recreation.

We recommend that you call Denise at (631) 351-3096 for an appointment when applying for a Special Event or Nancy at (631) 351-3103 for a Family or Organizational Picnic. They can assist you with your Application and Town requirements for a permit

Town Picnic Facilities: 

 Applications will be accepted by appointment only and based on a first-come, first-served basis in Town Hall, Room 103, Parks & Recreation Office to pick dates, pay application fee(s) for Organizations & Family Picnics for the Season.
  • Elwood Park Picnic Area
  • Caledonia Park Picnic Area
  • William. E. Kessler Park Picnic Area
  • Frank P. Petrone/Crab meadow Beach Picnic Area
  • Centerport Beach Picnic Area

*Parks & Recreation advises that New York State allows a very limited number of Alcoholic Beverage permits per Beach & Park Picnic Area. Groups using Town facilities who would like to offer these beverages to guests will have to apply directly to the New York State Liquor Authority for a permit and permission. We require the NYSLA (9) nine page application (which includes the Landlord signature page that the Town Supervisor has to sign for the NYSLA) to be submitted with the Towns Special Event Picnic Beer & Wine Permit Application and your Insurance Certificate as per the application & Town Attorney's Office.