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Ice Skating Class (Levels & Skills)


All classes are taught at the Dix Hills Park Ice Rink.

 Class Level Skills Taught (and need for entry in next Level) Activity No. 
 Mom & Me  Basic skill for tots (ages 3 - 4) and never skated 
 Snowplow Sam 1 Basic skills for children (ages 4 - 5) and never skated
 Snowplow Sam 2 March and glide, moving dip, backward wiggles, 
forward swizzles, two-foot hop in place

 Snowplow Sam 3 Forward skating, one-foot glide, forward & backward 
swizzles, snowplow stop, curves

 Basic 1 March, two-foot glide, forward swizzles, backward wiggles, 
snowplow stop, rocking horse, two-foot hop in place
 Basic 2 One-foot glide, two-foot backward glide, backward swizzles, 
two-foot turn from forward to backward, moving snow plow 
stop, forward half-swizzle pumps in a straight line.
 Basic 3 Forward stroking, half-swizzle pumps clock- and
counter-clockwise, backward one-foot glide right/left
 Basic 4 Forward outside /inside edge on a circle right/left, forward 
crossovers clockwise & counter clockwise, forward 
outside three turn right/left, backward half-swizzle pumps
 Basic 5 Backward outside & inside edge right/left, backward 
crossovers clock-and-counter-clockwise, 
one-foot spin, hockey stop, and side toe-hop
 Basic 6 Forward inside three turn right/left moving 
backward to forward, two-foot turn clockwise
 Basic 7 Forward inside open Mohawk right-left and left-right, 
backward outside edge glide, forward inside pivot
 Basic 8 Moving outside & inside three-turn right/left,
one-foot spin, waltz jump, mazurka right/left
 Hockey Beginner Must skate forward (hockey helmet required)  
 Hockey Intermediate Must skate forward and backward (hockey helmet required)  
 Adult Beginner Skate Basic Skills  
 Adult Intermediate Skate  All levels accepted  

Fee: $75 for Youth with Parks & Recreation ID Card / $85 without ID Card.
Fee: $80 for Adult with Parks & Recreation ID Card / $90 without ID Card.
Fee: $85 for Mommy & Me with Parks & Recreation ID Card / $100 without ID Card.
Skate Rental: $4/class. 
(No Refunds. No Make-ups or credits unless the Ice Rink cancels.
For more information, please call (631) 462-5883.
Registration: On-line and In-Person registration. E-registration is easy at: Register In-Person at the Dix Hills Park Ice Rink Office.