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Operational Permits

An operational permit allows the applicant to conduct an operation, activity, or business for which a permit is required for either a prescribed period, or until renewed or revoked. The fire code official shall perform operational permit inspections on an annual basis.

Before a new operational permit is approved or an existing permit is renewed, an inspection of the receptacles, vehicles, buildings, devices, premises, storage spaces or areas to be used shall be conducted to determine compliance with the Town of Huntington Fire Code or any other applicable state or local law, regulation or rule.

The Chief Fire Marshal may approve an application for a permit in whole or in part if the proposed work, project, activity or operation meets all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Any permit issued can be made subject to conditions or restrictions that, in the judgment of the Chief Fire Marshal, are necessary or proper to protect the health or safety of persons or property, and in the public interest. Such conditions or restrictions shall be set forth in the permit.

Any person who fails, neglects or refuses to abide by a condition or restriction established in a permit issued shall be in violation of the Town of Huntington Fire Code.

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