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Oversized Cans Prohibited

Use of oversized garbage cans and/or bungee cords is illegal and poses a danger to your trash collectors.

It is a violation of Town Code to place curbside garbage containers that are either oversized or over-weight. These cans as well as any container with lids secured by bungee cords have been known to cause serious work related injuries to the Town’s trash collectors. Always use the correct sized garbage can, 42-gallons or less.


Residents who use oversized containers will be made aware of their violation by way of this sticker. The container will not be serviced if a resident continues the use of these oversized receptacles after this notification. Habitual disregard will result in a summons to the property owner for a violation of Town Code.

The Town Code Regulation is presented below for your benefit:
(1) It shall be the responsibility of the owner, tenant, or occupant of a residential property to provide receptacles of sufficient capacity to contain the solid waste generated on the property during ninety-six (96) consecutive hours. The receptacles shall be kept closed and maintained in good and sanitary condition by periodic cleaning, and when filled, each receptacle shall not exceed fifty (50) pounds in total weight or forty-two (42) gallons in volume.

A note to residents using cans  with attached and/or hinged lids: Garbage or recycling cans with hinged lids and wheels are primarily designed for automated collection. During the automated collection process, a mechanical arm extends from the collection vehicle which attaches to the can. The can is then lifted and inverted over the area where the refuse will be deposited in the collection vehicle. Other than the lifting arm, the can never makes physical contact with the vehicle. 

The collection process on a manual collection route unavoidably exposes the wheels, axle, lid and hinge to physical contact with the collection personnel and parts of the truck hopper as well. Manual collection, by its very nature, occasionally results in damage to the wheels, axle, hinge and/or lid during the routine collection process.  As such, the Town shall not be responsible for expected wear and tear to the wheels, axle, lids or hinges on these types of cans.

Thank you for your cooperation.