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Traffic Violations Bureau

The Town of Huntington Traffic Violations Bureau assists the District Court of the County of Suffolk in the disposition of offenses related to violations of parking laws, ordinances, rules and regulations and collects fines related to parking violations.

The Town of Huntington made substantive amendments to the Traffic Code that impacts procedures to respond to a ticket and consequences when there is a failure to respond to a ticket. These new procedures will apply to all tickets issued on or after September 3, 2019. Please find below a Ticket Timeline.

Violators are required to respond to a ticket within 30 days; failure to do so may result in the reduction of Town services, imposition of a default judgment, nonrenewal of New York State motor vehicle registration (if applicable) and/or immobilization.

Ticket Timeline

Day 1: Parking ticket issued.

Day 30: Last day to respond to a parking ticket without penalties imposed.

Day 31: Failure to respond to a parking ticket by Day 30 results in:

  • Reduction in Town services; ineligibility to obtain various Town-issued permits and licenses, including: taxi and tow truck licenses, commuter parking permits, and recreation I.D. cards.
  • Ineligibility for minimum fine.

Day 61: Failure to respond to a parking ticket by Day 60 results in:

  • Issuance of Notice of Impending Default Judgment.
  • Imposition of $25 administrative fee.

Day 90: Last day to respond to a parking ticket before Default Judgment imposed.

Day 91: Failure to respond to a parking ticket results in:

  • Default Judgment imposed; judgment sent to collections.
  • Maximum fine imposed.
  • Administrative fee imposed increases to $100.
  • Ineligibility to pay ticket at Town Hall.

Additional Consequences

In addition to the consequences noted in the Timeline above:

  • Nonrenewal of New York State Motor Vehicle Registration: Violators who fail to respond to three (3) or more tickets within an eighteen (18) month period may be subject to nonrenewal of a New York State motor vehicle registration.
  • Immobilization: Vehicles parked on or abandoned on any highway or Town parking field within the Town of Huntington in violation of any provision of Town Code and known to have three (3) or more violations of any provision of this Code prohibiting or regulating the stopping, standing or parking of vehicles and which three or more violations are outstanding as unpaid or otherwise unanswered, or the registered owner of such vehicle has in excess of five hundred dollars ($500) in unpaid parking tickets, the Town may immobilize said vehicle with a device designed for the immobilization of vehicles, and/or said vehicle may be removed by the Department of Public Safety or its duly authorized agent.

Contact Information

Traffic Violations Bureau
100 Main Street
Main Lobby Window
Huntington, NY 11743
The Traffic Violations Bureau Accepts walk-ins Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm.
(631) 351-2840

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