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Main Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

The Sign Bureau is responsible for issuing sign permits and performing sign inspections in accordance with the Town Code.


Do I need a permit for a sign on my storefront?

Yes. All signs installed on a building need a sign permit.

Can I put a sign at my house for my home occupation?

Yes, if you go to the building department and obtain a Permitted Use Certificate for your home occupation.

Can I put advertising signs on telephone poles?

No. Any sign painted, erected or affixed so that any portion of a sign extends above the highest point of a building or any sign on any telephone, telegraph, electric or lighting pole or on any traffic device or on any tree, stone or other natural object is not allowed.

How big can my sign be?

Sign sizes are based on the business district that the building is in. The business district sizes can be found in the Town code under 198-92 or by calling 351-3140 during regular Town Hall business hours, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Do I have to renew my sign permit?

Yes, every three years sign permits are renewed. A letter will be sent out one month before it expires.

Can a sign be placed out by the road without a permit?

No. Freestanding signs are allowed by permit only and can be installed when requirements are met with setbacks set forth in the town code.

Do awning signs need a permit?

Yes. All print on awnings must have a permit. You need a building permit for the awning itself from the building department.

Am I permitted to place a For Sale sign or realty For Sale sign on my property? Also, am I permitted to place signs at other locations, i.e. town right-of-ways, directing traffic to specific locations?

Yes. You may post one For Sale sign on your property ten feet from the curb. No. You may not post any other signs on the town right-of-ways.



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Changes to Sign-related fees and Town Code will become effective Jan 1, 2019.  More

Contact Information

Robert Simpson, Sign Inspector
Town Hall (Room 310)
100 Main Street 
Huntington, NY 11743
Phone: (631) 351-3140
Fax: (631) 351-3169