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11/1/2018 - Town of Huntington Releases 20-Year Progress Report on Open Space (EOSPA) Preservation and Green Energy-Efficient Measures

Huntington – The Town of Huntington has released its Environmental Open Space and Park (EOSPA) Fund and Land Conservation 20-Year Progress Report, spanning the Town’s open space preservation achievements from the inception of the EOSPA Committee in September 1998 through October 2018.


“EOSPA funds allow us to preserve open space, make improvements to our local parks, enhance our streetscapes and increase energy efficiency,” said Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci. “Thank you to past and present members of the EOSPA Committee for all the important work you do to keep Huntington green and to our many partners that have added support.  This report represents a concerted effort to use an array of tools to further our community goals and provide resources that meet our residents’ interests and needs.”


2018-specific EOSPA highlights, January through October, include:




·         Town’s first spray park, Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo Memorial Spray Park, was built, opened, and operated for its inaugural summer season (Elwood Park).

·         New Harborfields Community Playground, inclusive for children of all physical abilities, is in development (in partnership with Harborfields CSD, first with a school district, 50% EOSPA-funded).

·         NYS CFA Grants were sought to leverage EOSPA matching funds for several projects: Heckscher Park centennial fencing, Cow Harbor Park/Woodbine Marina restroom facility, Halesite Marina Park reconstruction.

·         Suffolk County Downtown Revitalization Program grants were sought to leverage EOSPA support: Laurel Road, Northport and Broadway, Greenlawn streetscaping projects.

·         Funding for new more efficient LED lighting/poles for Manor Field Park synthetic field was approved.

The 2018 EOSPA Program Status Report is a comprehensive look back at the open space and conservation achievements from the past 20 years, including the 1998-2008 period and picking up where the August 2008 Program Status Report leaves off, detailing achievements from 2008-2018, including:




OPEN SPACE:  The Town closed 17 acquisition projects protecting 94.5 acres with EOSPA funding:


·         2 new active parks: Sweet Hollow Park, Melville (partially passive) and Erb Farm Park, Dix Hills

·         4 new passive parks: Davis Brickmaker Preserve, Fort Salonga;  Carpenter Farm Park, Huntington;  Wawapek, Cold Spring Harbor (with Suffolk County & North Shore Land Alliance); and Surrey Ridge Park, Fort Salonga

·         10 additions to 6 existing parks: 5 parcels added to Gateway Park, Huntington Station;  1 parcel added to each: Otsego Park, Dix Hills; Huntington Heritage Park, Huntington; Phragmites Park, Centerport;  Wawapek, Cold Spring Harbor; and Surrey Ridge Park, Fort Salonga;  and

·         1 acquisition of farmland development rights (with Suffolk County )at Richter’s Orchard, East Northport.

PARK IMPROVEMENTS:  The Town Board allocated EOSPA funding for improvements to 35 parks including but not limited to:


·         4 complete new parks were developed in areas that were underserved for active recreational  resources (Breezy Park, Coral Park, Sweet Hollow Park, Erb Farm Park);

·         EOSPA support was leveraged for major park renovations: Veterans Park Complex with Town’s first concrete skate park and boundless playground, along with 2 new synthetic regulation-sized multi-use fields; Dix Hills Ice Rink with new rink and site improvements; and Sunshine Acres Park redesign with new playground, restroom, walkways and reconfigured ballfields;

·         the first outdoor fitness equipment arrays; new picnic tables and bleachers; ballfield renovations with new backstops, fencing and dugouts; new playgrounds, kayak racks, trail signage throughout the Town, beach entrance booths, and over 1,000 trees were supported;

·         New adaptive equipment (swings, floating beach wheelchair, pool lift, accessible picnic tables, concrete pads for bleachers, restroom enhancements) at multiple parks; and

·         Heckscher Park amphitheater and viewing area renovation (the most intensely-used park area in the Town inventory/home of the Summer Arts Festival).

NEIGHBORHOOD ENHANCEMENTS:  The Town Board allocated EOSPA funding for 30 neighborhood enhancement projects, including, but not limited to:


·         streetscape improvements throughout the Town’s hamlet centers (sidewalks, curbs, universally-accessible ramps, lighting, crosswalks, bicycle racks, landscaping);

·         traffic calming measures (driver feedback signs, crosswalks, pedestrian-activated beacons, sidewalk bump-outs);

·         sustainable storm water management (raingardens, bioswales, permeable pavers);

·         a new community garden developed at Gateway Park and outreach garden refurbished at Kubecka Garden; and

·         environmental assessment and mitigation of the James D. Conte Center.

GREEN PROJECTS*:  The Town Board allocated EOSPA funding for 9 green/energy efficient projects at 17 sites:


·         electric car charging stations at Town Hall and LIRR/Huntington South Parking Garage;

·         light fixtures to increase efficiency and save energy: high pressure sodium fixtures replaced by induction lights (North and South Parking Garages at Huntington LIRR Station) and metal halide and florescent fixtures replaced by LED fixtures (Town Hall, Vehicle Maintenance/Boxer Court, HART Bus facility, Pulaski Road/Kavanagh parks maintenance facility and 11 park sites);

·         planning and analysis for Huntington Community Potential Critical Infrastructure Complex Microgrid (NYS grant competition for which Town has been awarded $1.1 million for first two stages); and

·         contracted professional services for Climate Smart Communities Certification and Climate Action Plan Update.

The comprehensive 20-year report can be found under the page for the Planning & Environment Department > Studies & Reports > Site Specific Plans, Reports & Studies > Environmental Education Studies & Reports > 2018 EOSPA Program Status.


In the photo: Celebrating EOSPA’s 20th Anniversary on August 14, 2018, (seated l-r) Herb McGrail, original member, represents Scouting (former regional Eagle Scout Coordinator for the Boy Scouts); Margo Myles, Sr. Environmental Analyst, Open Space Coordinator since program start, represents Department of Planning & Environment; Joy Squires, Chairperson, original member, represents Huntington Conservation Board; Barbara Haerter, original member, represents Huntington Greenway Trails Committee; (standing l-r) Lauren Credidio, EOSPA Secretary, Department of Planning & Environment; Lisa Brieff, member; Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci; Greg Wagner, Director, Parks and Recreation; Emerson Boozer, Vice Chairperson; Ken Christensen, member, represents Huntington Chamber of Commerce; Mike Karp, member. Missing from photo: Todd Krasner, member; Steven Spucces, member; Ed Gathman, EOSPA Counsel, represents Town Attorney’s office.