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Carnival, Circus, Fair & Amusement Events*

  *Per Huntington Town Code, Chapter 91, Carnival, Circus, Fair & Amusement Events  
    Download the Carnival, Circus, Fair & Events Permit Application (PDF)

Requirements for a Carnival, Circus, Fair & Event Permit

1. Completed Application for Carnival, Circus, Fair and/or Amusement Event submitted with all necessary documents a minimum of 30 days prior to the event 

2. Payment of $500 non-refundable Application Fee by cash, money order or certified check (Exempt if applicant is a not-for-profit organization and proof of exempt status must be provided to the Town Clerk. However, if not-for- profit organization engages the services of an amusement company to operate and/or manage the event, no waiver of the fee shall be applicable and application will not be accepted unless accompanied by $500 application fee §91-10)

3. $500 Bond by cash, money order or check. (No Exceptions). 

4. Site Plan (see Huntington Town Code, Chapter 91, for details). 

5. Events on Non-Applicant Owned Property. If event takes place on property not owned by applicant, a notarized "Letter of Permission" from owner of property must be included with the Permit Application. 

6. Copy of Contract between applicant and amusement company (if applicable). 

7. Certificate of Insurance (1,000,000/2,000,000/1,000,000) issued by company licensed to do business in NY State, naming Town of Huntington as an additional named insured (for applicant and any other participants in the event if not covered under applicant’s policy).

8. Approval of Town of Huntington Fire Prevention Bureau for fireworks, tents and/or propane tanks (as applicable). Contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (631) 351-3138 for instructions regarding the application process for approval by the Fire Marshal). 

9. Approval of Suffolk County Department of Health Services for food service (if applicable). Contact Suffolk County Health Services at (631) 853-6974 to make appointment for a Health Services Department inspection). 

10. Completed Games of Chance applications (if applicable).

Note: The above is a partial list covering most situations.  See Huntington Town Code, Chapter 91, for a complete list of legal requirements. All applications will be reviewed on an individual basis as to classification of the type of event and requirements that may apply.