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Town of Huntington, NY - News Details

2/18/2024 - Trash Pickup & Recycling Schedule Change: President's Day
The Department of Environmental Waste Management would like to advise all residents about the trash and recycling collection schedule changes due to the President’s Day holiday on February 19, 2024.
- On Monday, February 19th trash collection is cancelled due to the holiday. This collection is not being rescheduled. Residents on Monday and Thursday trash pickup routes will be permitted to dispose of twice the amount of household trash on Thursday, February 22nd.
- On Tuesday, February 20th trash collection is scheduled for residents on Tuesday and Friday trash pickup routes.
On Wednesday, February 21st mixed paper and cardboard recycling collection is scheduled for all residents.
- On Thursday, February 22nd trash is being collected for residents on Monday and Thursday routes. This is the only trash pickup this week for residents on these routes.
- And on Friday, February 23rd trash is being collected for residents on Tuesday and Friday routes.
Trash collection begins at 6:00 A.M. and recycling begins at 5:00 A.M. Please put these materials out prior to their respective start times. There is no yardwaste scheduled for collection until the week of March 10th.