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11/7/2022 - Joint Statement on 2022 Huntington Village Holiday Spectacular from Town Supervisor & Huntington Village BID President

Joint Statement on the 2022 Huntington Village Holiday Spectacular from Huntington Town Supervisor & Huntington Village BID President:


The Town of Huntington’s Annual Holiday Spectacular has garnered a lot of attention this year. One key issue for this year’s event being reimagined was not only the safety concerns but the costs involved in creating such an event. The crowning glory of the Holiday Spectacular was the magnificent 65ft, multi-media Christmas tree.  It must be made clear that the tree is not owned by the BID or the Town, but is provided by (along with other decor) each year through Looks Great Services, Inc.


As this year approached, it was clear that the BID did not have the resources to support the tree and the other ancillary services needed to put on a safe, successful event. It also didn’t have time to reimagine a new event so late in the season.


However, since the plight of the Spectacular was made public, we have since heard from our lead sponsor, Northwell Health and they have committed to provide the additional funding needed to ensure that the Spectacular continues for 2022. Northwell Health’s generosity will enable the BID and the Town to continue this highly anticipated event for the third consecutive year at its original location in Huntington Village/Wall Street.  We are grateful to Northwell Health that we can continue the tradition! 


As safety is a prime concern for all Huntington Town events, we will continue to work with our local fire officials and first responders on safeguards and precautions to ensure the Holiday Spectacular is a safe one for all.  We hope you understand our need to carefully consider all options when deciding on events such as this. 


Thank you to all our sponsors, including Northwell Health, whose generous donations were able to help the Spectacular return to Huntington Village. In addition, it is important to note that such a large event could not happen without the help of our Fire Department and all first responders.  Their willingness to work with event planners has been crucial in the success of the Spectacular.


We expect that this event will be ever changing based on the needs of the community, our town, and our merchants. For now, we are happy to return the event so many have found to be the epitome of the Holiday Season for the Huntington Community.  We look forward to welcoming you all back to Wall Street for 2022!