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Town of Huntington, NY - News Details

8/8/2022 - Huntington Harbormaster Defends Harbor Against Contaminants from Auto Shop Firefight

Halesite, NY – Supervisor Ed Smyth issued a statement regarding preventative measures taken by the Town of Huntington Harbormaster’s office to protect Huntington Harbor during Friday’s firefight at an auto body and auto repair shop in Halesite on Saturday, August 6.


"Huntington Maritime Department, led by Senior Harbormaster Fred Uvena, coordinated the defense of Huntington Harbor during the fire in Halesite and its aftermath.


"Responding to the scene of the fire from the Town yesterday were our Fire Marshal Terry McNally, Huntington Highway Superintendent Andre Sorrentino (also as Huntington Fire District Commissioner) with the Highway Department and equipment ready to assist as needed, along with the Harbormaster's office.


"Anticipating that chemicals, petroleum and other contaminants in the runoff from yesterday's firefight would travel to the harbor, Senior Harbormaster Fred Uvena called for the Town's Spill Response trailer and coordinated a multi-agency response, including the U.S. Coast Guard and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.


"The Spill Response trailer carries a soft boom that, when deployed, absorbs contaminants and prevents them from entering the harbor. We deployed the boom behind the American Legion Hall, where the spillway reaches the harbor.


"By 4:30 PM Friday, a double soft boom had been laid across the narrow channel containing all contaminants and preventing them from reaching the harbor.


"The U.S. Coast Guard and NYS DEC inspected the site immediately after the fire was extinguished and expressed their satisfaction with the efforts made to contain the runoff.


"At 10:00 AM today (Saturday), the Harbormaster's office inspected the site with the DEC and the Coast Guard. Both agencies indicated the water was clear, uncontaminated, and no further action or remediation steps were needed.


"The Harbormaster's office will leave the double boom in the harbor until Monday as a precaution.


"Thank you to our Fire Chiefs, fire fighters, first responders and the professionals we have working for the Town who keep our communities, roads and waterways safe!"


The boom will be removed by the Harbormaster’s office on Tuesday, August 9.


In the photos: Boom deployed by Huntington Harbormaster in Halesite on Friday, August 5.