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Town of Huntington, NY - News Details

6/7/2022 - Town of Huntington Releases ‘Crab Meadow Watershed Hydrology Study and Stewardship Plan’ Final Draft

Huntington – The Town of Huntington has released the final draft of the Crab Meadow Watershed Hydrology Study and Stewardship Plan for public review before it is voted on by the Town Board. The plan is a community driven stewardship plan with the intent to highlight best practices in future management of the Town's largest watershed.


“Accepting this stewardship plan will help guide the Town and future administrations on implementing policies that are in the best interests of our local environment, including one of Northport’s most fragile wetland habitats,” stated Supervisor Ed Smyth.


The Crab Meadow Watershed comprises about six square miles of downward sloping land that leads to a 400-acre tidal marsh designated as the Jerome A. Ambro Memorial Wetland. This estuary receives run-off from upland areas as far south as the Northport Veterans Administration property in Northport.


Best Management Practices (BMP's) are designed to take a collective look at actions that affect the environmental health of the wetland.


The current, final draft of Crab Meadow Watershed Hydrology Study and Stewardship Plan addresses input submitted during the public comment period announced in 2018. The final draft document contains highlighting indicating edits and modifications made to the previous draft published in 2018 (note: the paginations of the previous draft will not match the final draft version due to figure numbering and figure/map resizing edits).


A new section, ‘Section 1.4 – SCDHS Groundwater and Surface Water Sampling and Analysis’, has been added to the text of the document, and the appendix labeling has been revised with the data associated with ‘Section 1.4’ added as a separate appendix – ‘Appendix B.’


The final draft of the Crab Meadow Watershed Plan document can be viewed on the Town’s website under the Maritime Services Department page: