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Town of Huntington, NY - News Details

4/26/2022 - Huntington ZBA Adjourns Decision on Preserve at Indian Hills; Waiting for Consultant Report, Will Publicize 30 Days Before Making Decision

Huntington – The Town of Huntington Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) has adjourned its previously-scheduled April 28 decision on a Special Use Permit for The Preserve at Indian Hills application until 30 days after a consultant’s report is received and posted on the Town website. 


At the close of the April 21 ZBA Meeting, Chairman Jerry Asher stated that the report being prepared by H2M Architects & Engineers on The Preserve at Indian Hills application had not been received by the Town and therefore the ZBA would not be making a decision, as previously planned, at its April 28 meeting. 


Chairman Asher assured the public (starting at 40:28 into the meeting video) that, once received, the report would be posted on the Town website for at least 7-10 days in advance of the ZBA making a decision; he has since extended the timeframe to 30 days after the report is posted on the website before the ZBA will make a decision. 


The ZBA held a public hearing on the application, which lasted nearly five hours, on January 13, 2022; Chairman Asher closed the public comment period after the hearing was held but postponed a decision until a report could be prepared by a consultant hired by the Town, H2M Architects & Engineers, to weigh in on the application, including gathering information and research to address questions raised by the public and ZBA board members (approximately 4:44:40 into the meeting video).