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Town of Huntington, NY - News Details

6/10/2021 - Greenlawn Park Playground Renovation Starting Today, to Include Solar Cell Phone Charging Stations

Greenlawn – Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci announced the start to construction of improvements to the playground at the Town’s regional Greenlawn Park starting Thursday, June 10 with expected completion by Labor Day.


“We are excited to see these playground improvements realized at Greenlawn Park, one of our most popular regional parks, which will provide a complement to its popular skate park and athletic fields,” said Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci, whose administration worked closely with the Greenlawn Civic Association to develop plans for the new playground.


Greenlawn Park (Tri-Village) Playground, at the corner of Pulaski Road and Broadway-Greenlawn Road in Greenlawn, will be closed starting June 10, 2021 to undergo substantial improvements, including:


  • ·new playground equipment;
  • a new concrete walkway;
  • a new picnic area with a gazebo;
  • ·new landscape plantings;
  • ·new fences – perimeter and interior; and
  • solar cell phone/tablet charging stations.


The total cost is expected to be approximately $468,000 and the project is anticipated to be completed by Labor Day.


Representatives of the Greenlawn Civic Association requested the playground improvements, working with Town staff in the Departments of Engineering, Parks and Recreation, and Planning and Environment as well as the Town's EOSPA Committee to develop a playground plan that reflects the community's needs.

The Town Board designated up to $525,000 in EOSPA-recommended Environmental Open Space and Park Improvement Funding for the project in January 2020. The project was bid in January 2021, the Town received 12 bids, and the Town Board awarded the construction contract to the lowest responsible bidder, Greenlawn-based Turf Tek USA in February 2021.


Attachments: Renderings of the renovated Greenlawn Park playground.