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Town of Huntington, NY - News Details

11/9/2020 - Town of Huntington 2021 Budget Presentations Delivered, Town Board Approves Season-Long Winter Wonderland Event

The Huntington Town Board held its November 4, 2020 meeting remotely and broadcast meeting audio and video live, where they scheduled public hearings for the December 15 meeting and approved a season-long Huntington Village Winter Wonderland event.


The meeting opened with 2021 budget presentations from key departments:



“Operating expenses are expected to remain flat for 2021 while we allow for the growth of infrastructure, ensure the delivery of essential services and stay well under the Tax Cap – in fact, we are one of the very few municipalities that came in under the Tax Cap,” said Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci. “Just as families are being expected to do more with less, the Town has an obligation to do the same. Our goal was to not ask taxpayers for one cent more than last year’s budget and we did a better job at achieving that than most municipalities. I am truly proud of the 2021 budget.”


The Town Board is scheduled to vote on the 2021 budget at the November 19, 2020 Town Board meeting.


The Town Board scheduled public hearings for the Tuesday, December 15, 2020 Town Board meeting at 7:00 PM to consider:


  • Issuing a Certificate of Approval in an Historic District Re: 400 Park Avenue, Huntington – Old Huntington Green Historic District.
  • Amending the zoning map on the Town Board’s own motion to change the zoning from R-40 Residence District to R-3M Garden Apartment Special District for property located on the east side of Deer Park Avenue, south of Half Hollow Road, Dix Hills, SCTM#0400-278-02-(p/o 174, 175, 176, 177).


The Town Board adjourned, to December 15, 2020 at 7:00 PM, the Public Hearing to consider adopting Local Law Introductory Number 8-2020, considering zone change application #2019-ZM-444, Equestrian Estates of Melville, to change the zoning from R-80 Residence  District to R-20 Residence District for the property located on the east side of Round Swamp Road, south of Northern State Parkway, Melville, New York, at the request of the applicant.


In other action, the Town Board:


  • Authorized the Huntington Village Business Improvement District to utilize Wall Street between Main Street and Gerard Street for a Winter Wonderland event taking place from November 28, 2020 through January 17, 2021.
  • Authorized the acceptance of $1,359,910 in additional funding for Community Development Block Grant Funds under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Securities Act (Cares Act of 2020).
  • Appointed Lawrence Foglia of Fox Hollow Farm, Dix Hills, as the Town of Huntington’s Representative on the Suffolk County Farmland Committee to fill a vacancy; Mr. Foglia has extensive agricultural experience through the operation of Fox Hollow Farm as a hosta and daylily nursery, later as a vegetable farm incorporating community supported agriculture, spurring the growth of community gardens and garden education in Huntington at Gateway Park, Kubecka Garden, Manor Farm Park and beyond. A prior member of the Huntington Conservation Board, Mr. Foglia is well versed in open space preservation methods, adding to strength to the County's and Town's farmland preservation efforts.
  • Co-sponsored a soccer tournament with A.S.A. Alfaro Soccer Academy, the Suffolk County Police Department’s Second Precinct, Councilman Eugene Cook and the Huntington Town Board at Breezy Park on November 27, 2020 to benefit the Tri Community and Youth Agency (TRI CYA).
  • Co-sponsored a soccer program at the Town of Huntington John J. Flanagan Center Gymnasium from January 4, 2021 through March 31, 2021 with the Suffolk County Police Athletic League, Inc. (PAL) and the Suffolk County Police Department’s Second Precinct.
  • Amended the Code of the Town of Huntington, Chapter 188 (Trespassing); to strengthen the Town's ability to enforce and prohibit encroachments upon Town lands and rights-of-way on land and under water.
  • Amended the Code of the Town of Huntington, Chapter 198 (Zoning), Article XX (Accessory Dwelling Units); to extend the renewal period from one year to two years and update fees to reflect the change in term.
  • Amended the Code of the Town of Huntington, Chapter 198 (Zoning), Article IV (Commercial Districts); clarifying language in keeping with the intended changes of the C-6 measures passed in July 2020, making it clear the Huntington Station Overlay District is exempt from the newly increased parking requirements for all other areas zoned C-6 across the Town.
  • In their role as the Community Development Agency Board, appointed Tim Francis Deputy Director of the Community Development Agency.