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Land Management Information

Property Tax Record

  • Search for property tax information such as Tax Amounts, Tax Codes, Tax Levy by District, Exemption Amounts, Pro-Rata, and Re-Levy Amounts, Assessment Amounts, Owner Information, and Physical Address.
Tentative Assessment Roll
  • Search the tentative or final assessment roll by tax map number, or view all properties on the assessment roll by browsing PDF versions of the entire roll.
Site History Summary
  • Identify current applications filed with the Building and Housing Division for building permits and certificates of occupancy.
  • Lists available data for older permits and Zoning Board of Appeals decisions.

Huntington Geographic Information System (GIS) Maps

  • Free Public GIS Map:
    • Interactive map displaying general property information for all properties in the Town of Huntington;
    • Search by address or Tax Map Number;
    • Determine your Refuse District, Carter providing service, Collection days, and Carter phone number;
    • View Special Use District information such as Fire Districts, School Districts, Villages, etc.;
    • Query and display properties that meet specific input criteria: Minimum and Maximum Property Area, Type of Land Use (i.e. Residential) and Zoning.
  • Professional GIS Map:
    • All features of the free Public GIS (see above), plus:
    • Tools designed for land surveyors, appraisers, real estate agents and other land-intensive professions;
    • Access to recent and comparable sales data, Zoning Board decisions, filed maps, approved site plans and many other layers;
    • Generate mailing lists/labels and real estate reports;
    • Run advanced queries on all layers;
    • Mobile version add-on available.

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