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Huntington Alert Emergency Notifications

Huntington Alert is the Town of Huntington's Notification System for weather and public safety emergencies. We use vendor CodeRed to send out alerts when the Town and our Agencies need to provide you with urgent information and instructions, as well as storm-related trash and recycling collection changes, and road closures affecting roads in your area. Add your:

  • Landline phone (including TDD)
  • Cell phone (for calls and/or texts)
  • Email

Enroll/Manage Preferences Online

While CodeRed uses a database with many listed landline telephone numbers, unlisted, private and mobile phone numbers are not automatically included in the database. Residents with unlisted, private or cell phone numbers must sign up online with Huntington Alert vendor CodeRed. You can also request text alerts for your mobile phone or email alerts by providing your email address.


  • Text HuntingtonNY to 99411 to receive a direct link to the enrollment form on your mobile device!

Download CodeRed Mobile App

Emergency/Non-Emergency Phone Numbers

Know when the Town of Huntington is calling you with an emergency or non-emergency alert. When you see a call coming in from these numbers, you can let your voicemail take the message so that you can listen to the message again if necessary. Save these numbers in your phone under "Town Alert" so that you know when the Town is calling with information on public safety, road closures and/or affected Town services:

  • Emergency/Storm Alerts: 866-419-5000
  • Non-Emergency/Road Closures: 855-969-4636

Opt Out/Unsubscribe

You may opt out of Huntington Alerts at the link below. Please be advised to completely fill out the upper portion on the opt-out website and disregard the fields listed under the Weather Warning section: