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Town of Huntington, NY - News Details

10/23/2019 - LIRR Huntington Station Easternmost Pedestrian Bridge Closed for Inspection and Evaluation

Huntington Station – The Town of Huntington has temporarily closed off access to the easternmost pedestrian bridge connecting the north and south parking garages at the LIRR Huntington Train Station for inspection and evaluation purposes.


A visual Engineering Condition Inspection was performed by Desman Engineering Consultants for the Town-owned north and south parking garages, which included the east and west pedestrian bridges connecting the garages; the easternmost bridge is property of the MTA LIRR and the western bridge connecting the garages is property of the Town of Huntington.


Based on the unsafe conditions observed in the report, further inspection and evaluation of the east bridge is warranted.


On Friday, October 18, the Town closed access to this bridge which will remain in effect until the issue is addressed. Communication and coordination with the MTA LIRR is ongoing at this time.


“Together, the Town and LIRR are working diligently to investigate and address the concerns associated with this overpass, as the safety of our residents and commuters remains paramount,” said Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci.