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7/31/2018 - LIPA LAWSUIT UPDATE: Recent Actions Taken by the Town

At its July 17th meeting, the Huntington Town Board authorized Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci to enter into a non-binding mediation agreement with Marty F. Scheinman, Esq., to resolve the costly LIPA lawsuit for the benefit of the taxpayers of the Town of Huntington.


Councilman Eugene Cook, who sponsored the resolution to enter mediation, stated: “At the July 17, 2018 Town Board meeting, I was proud to sponsor a late starter resolution authorizing the Supervisor to execute a mediation agreement with Marty F. Scheinman, Esq., and authorizing the Supervisor to enter into an agreement with the Northport-East Northport Union Free School District, Long Island Power Authority and National Grid to share the costs of mediation. This resolution is important to the Northport Power Plant litigation as it brings to the table all parties including LIPA and National Grid for non-binding mediation; meaning if a settlement can’t be made that benefits Huntington taxpayers and the Northport-East Northport School District we can walk away from the table and continue litigation.


"Every effort needs to be made to ensure the future of Huntington and its school districts. Marty F. Scheinman has arbitrated over 18,000 disputes throughout the U.S. in various industries including: power, utilities, maritime, nuclear energy, and government services. Mr. Scheinman has proven himself to be an experienced professional who mediated the largest commercial dispute in the history of NYS Court System, which should benefit us all.”


Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci, who seconded the resolution, added: “We are exhausting all viable options. Mr. Scheinman is a highly qualified mediator and the Town Attorney agrees that the assistance of a neutral third party may help us resolve the case and put an end to this costly litigation to the benefit of Huntington’s taxpayers. It is non-binding, so we can continue litigation if necessary.”


Marty F. Scheinman, Esq., is a seasoned arbitrator who has handled over 18,000 disputes across the United States in various industries since 1978, including high profile disputes involving celebrities, athletes, and elected officials, including the largest commercial dispute in the history of the New York State Court System.


The Town will share the costs of the mediation with the Northport-East Northport Union-Free School District, the Long Island Power Authority, and National Grid.


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