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3/7/2018 - Huntington Evaluates "Pothole Killer" and Offers Quick Pothole Reporting Guide


The freezing and thawing of rain, sleet, snow and ice can turn our crowded roads into rough terrain. Everyone on the road benefits when we report potholes as we see them but different government agencies maintain different roads. Here is a quick guide to reporting potholes so that you and everyone on the road can steer clear of flat tires and other pothole-related road hazards.

Earlier this week, Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci and Highway Superintendent Kevin S. Orelli evaluated the "Pothole Killer," a longer-lasting, more cost-effective and efficient pothole repair solution.

Reporting Potholes on State, County and Town Roads

While the Huntington Highway Department is responsible for all Town roads, they must route all requests for New York State and Suffolk County-maintained roads to the State and the County respectively. While residents can report potholes on State and County roads to the Huntington Highway Department, for the fastest service, the contact numbers and links for reporting potholes to the State and the County are listed below, along with the roads they maintain:

State Roads and Highways


Which Roads Are Maintained by the State?

  • Broadhollow Rd/ Route 110
  • Deer Park Ave (South of Northern State Pkwy)
  • Harbor Rd/Rt 108
  • Jericho Tpke/Rt 25
  • LIE/I-495
  • New York Ave (North of Jericho Tpke)
  • Northern State Pkwy
  • Rt 25A
  • Rt 231
  • Walt Whitman Rd

NYS Department of Transportation Pothole Reporting Hotline: 1-800-POTHOLE

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) can help you steer clear of potholes on roads maintained by New York State with its year-round, toll-free hotline at 1-800-POTHOLE (that's 1-800-768-4653) to report potholes on the state's highway systems. The line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information, visit the State Department of Transportation Website

County Roads


Which Roads Are Maintained by the County?

  • Broadway (Greenlawn) (CR 86)
  • Colonial Springs Rd (CR 5)
  • Commack Rd (CR 4)
  • Cuba Hill Rd (CR 9)
  • Deer Park Rd East (CR 66)
  • Deer Park Rd/Deer Park Rd West (CR 35)
  • Elwood Rd (CR 10)
  • Greenlawn Rd (CR 9)
  • Greenlawn-Centerport Rd (CR 86)
  • Mill Dam Rd (Halesite) (CR 35)
  • New Hwy (CR 28)
  • Oakwood Rd (CR 92)
  • Park Ave (CR 35)
  • Pinelawn Rd (CR 3)
  • Pulaski Rd (CR 11)
  • Ruland Rd (CR 5)
  • Seamans Neck Rd/Straight Path (CR 2)
  • Townline Rd (CR 4)
  • Vanderbilt Pkwy (CR 67)
  • West Shore Rd (CR 35)

Suffolk County Highway Service Request System

To report a pothole on a County Road, which is maintained by Suffolk County, please submit a request at the following page on the Suffolk County website: please provide the relevant location information such as county road number, road name and cross streets so crews can quickly find and service your request:


Town Roads


Which Roads Are Maintained by the Town?

  • Excluding the roads listed above maintained by the State and the County, all other roads in Huntington are maintained by the Huntington Highway Department.

Huntington Highway Department

Report a pothole on a town road by using Huntington's online reporting system. You can attach photos to your request and provide a description, including the nearest address:
In EMERGENCIES ONLY callers may contact the Highway Hotline number at (631) 499-0444.