Land Management Information

Property Tax Record

  • Search for property tax information such as Tax Amounts, Tax Codes, Tax Levy by District, Exemption Amounts, Pro-Rata, and Re-Levy Amounts, Assessment Amounts, Owner Information, and Physical Address.
2016 Final Assessment Roll
  • Search the tentative assessment roll by tax map number.
Site History Summary
  • Review current applications filed with the Building and Housing Division for building permits and certificates of occupancy. The summary also lists available data for older permits and Zoning Board of Appeals decisions. Data is subject to updates.

Professional Land Management 

Land Management Property Information  
  • Search for general property information concerning all properties in the Town of Huntington. Information is displayed in an illustrative visual format.
  • Locate your property within the Town of Huntington to determine your appropriate Refuse District, the Carter providing service to your area, the specific Collection days, and a phone number to contact your Carter about service.
  • View visual displays of Special Use District information throughout the Town of Huntington such as Fire Districts, School Districts, Villages, etc.
  • Query and display properties that meet specific input criteria. The criteria are as follows: Minimum and Maximum Property Area, Type of Land Use (i.e Residential) and Zoning.

Property Info Feedback