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Disability Parking Permits

Permanent Disability Parking Permits

Permanent Disability Parking Permit is only available for a “severely disabled person.”

Applications: Please have a New York State Medical Certifier indicate your disability on Part II of the application or provide my office with a letter from your Medical Certifier dated within the past year, describing your need for a Permit. (A physical examination is not required).

Important Links

Disability Permit Instructions

Disability Permit Application 

Affidavit for Lost/Stolen Permit 

NYS DMV Disability Parking Info

NYC DOT Disability Parking Info

Note: a Permanent Disability Parking Permit may also be issued to an applicant who presents proof of having been issued license plates for the disabled by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. The applicant must provide the local issuing agent with a copy of the MV-664.1 that was used to obtain the license plates or copy of the applicant’s vehicle registration.

Permit Period: Permanent Permits are issued in fixed 3-year periods. The current period expires on September 30, 2018. A renewal form and instructions will be mailed to you in July of 2018. (Please advise the Town Clerk’s office immediately if your Mailing Address changes or you Disability Parking Permit is lost or stolen). 

Huntington Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia wishes to remind resident permanent Disability Parking Permit holders that there was a renewal by mail of all permanent (blue hang-tag) permits that expired on September 30, 2015. Renewal letters and applications were mailed in June and July of 2015 to those residents who were issued a permanent Disability Parking Permit from the Town Clerk’s office. If you did not receive a renewal and are holding an expired Permanent you could be subject to a fine. Please destroy your old permit with the 2015 expiration date by cutting or shredding the permit so it is not mistaken with a current permit expiring in September 2018.

Temporary Disability Parking Permits

Application & Permit Period: Eligibility for a Temporary Disability Parking Permit is based on the temporary inability to walk without the aid of an assisting device. By law an “assisting devices shall include, but not be limited to, wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, canes, or any other assisting device that is required for ambulation.” Temporary Permits are issued for a period of up to 6-months. A Medical Certifier’s statement is required for each 6-month extension thereafter. 

NYS, US and Canada: Permanent and Temporary Parking Permits are valid everywhere in New York State where there are designated parking spaces for people with disabilities. Permits are also valid in all other states and Canadian provinces. 

New York City: Other than for disability parking spaces that are designated by handicapped signs, to park in the City drivers must have a New York City "Parking Permit for People with Disabilities". Apply to: 

New York City Department of Transportation
Parking Permits for People with Disabilities
28-11 Queens Plaza North (7th Floor)
Long Island City, NY 11101-4008
Phone: (718) 433-3100

If you have further questions please contact Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia's office at (631) 351-3206