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Accessory Apartment Bureau

Accessory Apartment Bureau processes permits for Accessory Apartments within owner-occupied dwellings. The Bureau also administers Huntington's Accessory Apartment code and monitors for code violations. Links to the Accessory Apartment application form (PDF) and required Affidavit form (PDF) appear below, as well as other paperwork provided by Accessory Apartments.

The link to the "Current List of Permitted Accessory Apartments" is updated monthly verifying new permits and permit renewals allowing residents and those looking for rentals to check for a valid permit.

Accessory Apartment Instruction Packet

Current List Of Permitted Accessory Apartments

Current List of Rental Permits

Homeowner Occupied Accessory Apartment Application

Non-Homeowner Occupied Accessory Apartment Application

Accessory Apartment Affidavit

Vacant Building Registration Form

Transfer Paperwork

If a property with an accessory apartment is being sold, the permit may be transferred to the purchaser of the property, provided the purchaser executes and submits to the Accessory Apartment Bureau within ninety (90) days of the transfer of title. 

If you are looking to fill out paperwork to transfer, you must read and complete the forms provided below:

What to Know About an Accessory Apartment 

Instructions to Transfer an Apartment

Owner Occupied Accessory Apartment Application 

Accessory Apartment Affidavit

Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector Affidavit 

Contact Information

Room 205 
Town Hall 
100 Main Street
Huntington, NY 11743

Phone: (631) 351-3009