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Sign Permits & Equipment Rentals

On a very limited basis, the Town will allow a sign to be posted at either of one of two park locations, Fairmeadows Park corner of Pulaski Road & Park Avenue, Huntington, and Centerport Circle corner of Little Neck Road & 25A, Centerport in association with a Special Event and or only if under contract with Town of Huntington for said event(s) sign pending final approval by the Director of Parks & Recreation. . 

Download the Parks Sign Permit Application & Instruction (PDF).  

Contact the Town Hall Parks & Recreation Office for more information ask for Denise at 631-351-3096.

Equipment Rental Permits

  • The Town requires a Non-Refundable $50.00 Application Fee and needs you to submit the application and documents required fifteen (15) days prior to your event, your event may be in jeopardy of not going forward as planned.
  • The Town requires proof of insurance, in the way of a Certificate of Insurance, from those entities that are utilizing Town Special Event Equipment;
    • Showmobile; size: 8 ft. wide x 36 ft. long (stage deck 14 ft. length):
    • Portable Trailer Stage's # 1 & #2 size: 8 ft wide x 20 ft. long:
      Army Truck Stage size: 12 ft wide x 17 ft. long:

  • Proof of insurance is required regardless of whether or not a fee is being charged and regardless if on Town or Private Property.
  • Insurance coverage should be for General Liability in the amount of $1 Million Dollars per occurrence & $2 Million Dollars in the aggregate. The Town should be listed as an additional insured on the Certificate of Insurance Town of Huntington and Town of Huntington Board of Trustees  

    Download the Equipment Rental Use Permit & Fees 2018 Application & Instruction (PDF)

    Contact the Town Hall Parks & Recreation Office ask for Denise for more information 631-351-3096.