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On-Leash Dog Walking Areas & Trails

The previous Town Code restricted the walking of dogs to paved parking areas and adjacent walkways and concourses only. The Town of Huntington Greenway Trails Committee reviewed sites in the field with representatives from LI-DOG, an advocacy group that supports greater dog access in parks. Parks believes that controlled dog walking provides residents with several benefits, including greater observation of illegal and improper activities in our parks and trails. 

Top four reasons to leash your dog:

1. Wildlife may not survive an encounter with an unleashed dog. Even a very sweet and obedient dog may accidentally harm or stress ground-nesting birds or small mammals.
2. Keeping your dog on leash and on designated trails in natural areas helps prevent erosion and destruction of trail side vegetation.
3. Some park visitors, especially small children, feel frighten or uncomfortable when they encounter a dog.
4. It's the law. You could be fined.

Leashed dogs are allowed on the following trails. Please adhere to the following rules while walking your dog:
Keep your dog leashed at all times.
• Clean up after your dog and place waste in the proper receptacles. Bags are provided at each main dog walking trail entrance.
• Yield to other trail users.
• Keep your dog and yourself on the marked trails.
• Never leave your dog unattended, inside or outside of the car.

Jerome Ambro Memorial Wetlands Preserve Utility Right-of-Way in Northport

Dix Hills Park Woodland Trail

Sunshine Acres Park Upper Paved Path

Greenlawn Frazer Drive Park Dog Walking Trail

Phragmites Park in Centerport