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Free Standing Walls

A Building Permit is required for a free standing wall more than four feet (4') in height. The height of the wall shall be measured from the grade to the highest component of the wall.

Filing Instructions. The following items must be submitted to file for a retaining wall building permit:

1. Two (2) completed Building Permit Application (87-01) forms. Application forms should be filled out in their entirety and must be signed by the property owner and notarized. 
2. Four (4) copies of a recent complete survey by a licensed surveyor.  
3. Site plan showing the location of the wall. 
4. Four (4) sets of detailed architectural and structural construction plans (construction documents), that indicate compliance with the New York State Building Code. The seal and signature of a registered architect or a professional engineer is required on all plans. 
(Note: Plans must construction details of wall design with all required structure elements shown).  
5. One (1) copy of a recent tax bill, showing Section, Block and Lot.  
6. Certificate of Worker’s Compensation (use form C-105.2 or U-26.3 as applicable).  
7. Copy of Suffolk County Home Improvement License Photo ID.