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Please be advised that a Building permit is required for the construction, alteration, moving, repair, and modification, demolition, in whole or in part or the change of use of any building or structure. In the case of properties within one of Huntington's incorporated villages (Asharoken, Huntington Bay, Lloyd Harbor and Northport) this function is handled by your village building officials.

Without Permit:

Huntington allows property owner to have one (1) shed with a gross floor area of one-hundred square feet (100 sq. ft.) or less that is placed at least two feet (2') away from the property line without a Building Permit.

Permit Required: A second shed of any size and all sheds greater than one hundred square feet (100 sq. ft.) require Building Permits. In addition sheds greater than one hundred forty-four square feet (144 sq. ft.) in size must be set back at least five feet (5') from the property line. Sheds up to 120 sq. foot does not require footings.

 Sheds that are 144 sq. ft. and greater need to be constructed in accordance with the New York State Residential Building Code, with reference to wind resistance, and exterior wall location. They need to be located a minimum of 5 ft. from property line, and 10 ft. from other exterior walls in accordance with section R302.1 RCNYS (unless constructed with fire-resistance rated materials with a one hour rating), and building permit submittals include but are not limited to a plan showing foot details, structural connection detail, and clips, and ties for rafters, connection.

 Sheds that exceed 199 sq. foot need to comply with accessory structure setbacks for zoning, 10 ft. in R80, R40, R20 & R15 property zones. If constructed with a one hour rating 2 ft. from property lines in R-10, R-7, R-5, otherwise a minimum of a five foot setback shall be provided in accordance with R302.1 RCNYS Building permit submittals include but are not limited to a plan showing footing details, structural connection details, and clips, and ties for rafters, connections.

Filing Instructions.
The following forms must be filed in accord with the criteria above:

1. Two (2) completed Building Permit Application (87-01). Application forms shall be filled out in their entirety and shall be signed by the property owner and notarized.
2. Four (4) copies of a recent complete (unaltered) survey by a licensed land surveyor, showing the plot and all existing buildings and structures.
3. Four (4) plot plans indicating the location of the shed, with required setbacks.
4. Four (4) sets of construction drawings, prepared in a standard architectural manner to scale of not less than one-quarter inch per foot (1/4" / 1') inch per foot. If the shed is prefabricated, copies of construction specifications may be accepted in lieu of drawings.
5. Certificate of Worker’s Compensation (C-105.2 or U-26.3) form.
6. Copy of Suffolk County Home Improvement License Photo ID

Note. No accessory structure, including a shed, can be located within the required or existing setbacks for the front yard & long street side yard, whichever is greater.