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Solar Panels

A Building Permit is required for the construction, alteration, moving, repair, and modification, demolition, in whole or in part or the change of use of any building or structure.  Huntington will fast-track standard residential solar installation applications that meet code and safety requirements.

The following instructions outline the procedures and requirements for obtaining a permit to install Photo-Voltaic (PV) array solar panels on a residential dwelling:

 1. Please review filing Instructions for Building Permits for general requirements. 
 2. Two (2) completed Building Permit Application (87-01) is required & solar energy system Fast Track Solar (87-05) application.
 3. Four (4) sets of plans indicating the location of panels must be submitted.
 4. An electrical inspection is required. Electrical (87-16).
 5. A Certificate of Workers Compensation (Use form C-105.2 or U-26.3 as applicable).
 6. Copy of Suffolk County Home Improvement License Photo ID.
 7. One (1) copy of a recent tax bill, showing Section, Block and Lot.
 8. Design professional letter stating roof system can handle proposed load and a letter from a Professional Engineer which certifies that the installation will withstand sustained winds of 125 mph. 
 9.There are also Building Zone Ordinance requirements for ground-mounted systems. Building Zone Ordinance Codes are available online. See: Town Code.
10. Requirements of the New York State Building Code must also be met.
11. The building permit application fee is $60 (Sixty Dollars) for “standard installation” solar permits, see Huntington Town Code Section 157-15. The building permit application fee is $100 (One Hundred Dollars) for solar permits that do not meet the definition of “standard installation”. All solar permits require an additional certificate of occupancy fee of $50 (Fifty Dollars).
12. Applications will be fast tracked.