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Environmental Open Space & Park Fund Review Advisory Committee (EOSPA)

The EOSPA Committee, whose members are selected by the Town Board, meets monthly. The Committee was originally created to develop criteria for implementation of the Town’s proposed Open Space Bond Act. Upon approval of the Bond Act by the voters in November 1998, EOSPA was conferred with the formal power to review, advise and recommend to the Town Board candidate open space acquisitions and park improvement projects for which Bond Act funds could be spent(Chapter 21 of Huntington Town Code).  The program was extended to incorporate neighborhood enhancements and green energy-efficient projects by subsequent referenda in 2003 and 2008. EOSPA is currently responsible for oversight of funding generated by the 2003 $30 million and 2008 $15 million referenda.

Emerson Boozer, Vice Chair
Steven Spucces
Lisa Brieff
Michael Karp
Robert Bontempi
Ken Christensen, Chamber of Commerce
Barbara Haeter, Greenways & Trails
Mark McAteer, Public Art Advisory Committee
Joy S. Squires, Chair/Conservation Board
Margo Myles, Department of Planning and Environment
Ed Gathman, EOSPA Special Counsel
Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci
Lauren Credidio, Secretary

Town Hall (Room 212)
100 Main Street, Huntington, NY 11743
Phone: 631-351-3398
Fax: 631-351-3257