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Petition Letter For Requesting a New Street Light









             One of your neighbors has requested that the Town of Huntington install streetlights on your street.  It is the policy of this department that prior to any such installation, a substantial majority of the homeowners indicate their approval by signing a “Petition Request for Streetlighting”.  This petition form will soon be circulated on your street.


           If you approve of the installation of streetlights, please read the conditions on the petition form and sign the petition.  If you are opposed to the streetlights you may want to discuss it with your other neighbors and make your opinion known.  The lights will only be installed if a substantial majority of residents on your street want them.


           If you have any questions or comments regarding this matter, please contact the Town of Huntington Streetlighting Department at (631) 351-3259. 




  Very truly yours,

  Richard M. Wanat

  Director - Town of Huntington Streetlighting

Updated 12/12/2014 2:25 PM