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Replacement of Recycling Containers

The Town gave out recycling bins when curbside recycling was first initiated, but does not replace those bins if lost or damaged. If your recycling bin needs to be replaced, you can purchase (or use one on hand) any container (32 gallons or less) and affix a recycling sticker to it. Recycling stickers can be obtained at any public library branch townwide, at the Recycling Center (641 New York Avenue, Huntington) and in the lobby of Town Hall (100 Main Street, Huntington).
Recycling should be put out in containers with these recycling stickers affixed to the sides. additionally recycling should be put out uncovered so the waste collectors can see that it is recyclables and not trash. If you are worried about rainwater collecting in your uncovered recycling bin, it is recommended that you drill holes in the bottom to allow the rainwater to escape.
Updated 2/11/2015 10:34 AM