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I received a summons from a Suffolk County Police Officer. The summons begins with the letter "A". Can I answer it at the Town of Huntington Traffic Violations Bureau?

Category: Parking Tickets
If a summons was issued by a Suffolk County Police Officer and it begins with the letter "A" it will have a "Court of Appearance", "Time" and "Date" indicated on the face of the summons approximately 3/4 of the way down underneath the caption: "THE PERSON DESCRIBED ABOVE IS SUMMONED TO APPEAR AT".  Please Note* If the box for "1st District Court, Cohalan Court Complex, 400 Carleton Ave., Central Islip, NY 11722" is checked off, the summons must be answered there.  If "Town of Huntington TVB, 100 Main St., Huntington was written in by the issuing officer in the blank space next to the District Court box, you may answer the summons at Town Hall Traffic Violations Bureau.
Updated 11/18/2011 2:41 PM